Pallet Cage

Used Fully Welded Stillage Cages

$75.00 excl tax

Wire Mesh Pallet Boxes

Part No: NS-MMC-01
NS-MMC-01 is a versatile transport and storage cage, ideal for production, warehousing and component storage applications.
$710.00 excl tax $645.00 excl tax

Wire Mesh Storage Cages

Part No: NS-WMP-1000
The NS-WMP-10000 wire mesh pallet cage is perfect for retail, production and warehousing applications with the advantage of being totally collapsible for economical storage and transport.

Fitted with both front and rear half drop access panels and heavy duty cross supports allowing for easy stacking in high bay racking.

Also available are optional 150mm diameter rubber swivel castors (2 with brakes).
$370.00 excl tax $300.00 excl tax